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Cataract Testing

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest inventories in Western Canada. Contact us today for more information.


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“Everyone was very nice. Special shout-out to Lisa for helping me pick my frames and making sure I was comfortable with my decision making. Made sure they fit my face nicely and it was the style I exactly wanted. She ended up having them ready in under an hour. Very good customer service, would definitely recommend Lisa to family and friends :)”

-    Sarah T.

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Cataract Testing in Red Deer

You should opt for cataract surgery when the cataract is causing blurred vision and is affecting your daily life. We provide cataract testing in Red Deer to make sure your blurry vision is caused by cataracts in your eyes. If the cataract is not leading to blurred vision or affecting daily life, it is not essential to get surgery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a cataract test.

The test will let us know if you have cataracts in both your eyes. This may require surgery; the surgeries will not be performed together for both the eyes but will be done several weeks apart. If surgery is done on both eyes, there is a high possibility of complications that can affect both your eyes. Surgery complication can lead to an infection.

Earlier, the lens which has a cataract could not be removed from your eye if it was not in the advanced stages of cataract. Today, the cataract can be removed at any stage of development due to technological advancements. Come in for a test to determine the stage of the cataract.

Do not consider this a comprehensive list .  Book a visit and we’ll find you the perfect pair of glasses !

Cataract Blocking Your Vision?

We can test your eyes for cataracts and prepare you for surgery with all the information you need.

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