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Contact Lenses

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest inventories in Western Canada. Contact us today for more information.

What Our Clients Say?

Read what our happy customers have to say about our services:

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Good Customer Service

5 Stars

“Everyone was very nice. Special shout-out to Lisa for helping me pick my frames and making sure I was comfortable with my decision making. Made sure they fit my face nicely and it was the style I exactly wanted. She ended up having them ready in under an hour. Very good customer service, would definitely recommend Lisa to family and friends :)”

-    Sarah T.

Amazing Staff

5 Stars

“Best place in RedDeer to get your eye exam and glasses. I have never laughed so hard getting my eye examination, they made it a fun experience. Staff are absolutely amazing, friendly and honest. Big selection of eyewear at reasonable prices. What I honestly like about the staff is they’re not out to push you to buy the most expensive glasses like most places I’ve been to. They genuinely want to help you get what you can afford 💕” 

-    Marci H.

Highly Recommend

5 Stars

“I went to Eyewear Experts knowing nothing about glasses. I got the pair and a spare set. I was there every day for about 2 week’s trying by to get them set up to see properly. One set just wouldn’t work so I had to get a different frame. Lisa helped me from the beginning. I thought she would get sick of seeing me because I’m sure I was there constantly for about 4 months lol. But I can now, a year and a half later, if need be, pop in and Lisa gets my glasses realigned and clean!! I love her!! She is knowledgeable, funny and very friendly! Highly recommend Lisa at Eyewear Experts!”

-    Chiara

Pleasant Experience

5 Stars

“The atmosphere in this optical was amazing, everyone on this team made my family and I feel incredibly welcome and were extremely helpful. Mr. Ripley and Amanda helped us with absolutely any questions we had and guided us all in finding the perfect frames. We had a very pleasant experience here and I strongly recommend Eyewear Experts to anyone in need of a prescription eye exam and any eyewear. Thank you team, we will definitely be returning next time!”

-    Melanie H.

Professional and Honest

5 Stars

“Kayleigh was kind, professional, and honest. They were able to get me in on very short notice. I appreciated the same day lens cutting even with an appointment in the afternoon. They usually have a good deal, so come to this place for your glasses.”

-    Joshua C.

Awesome Appointment

5 Stars

“We had such an awesome appointment. I called, got all my family in within days, same time. The Dr. Was wonderful to work with, and the girls were so beyond helpful and friendly. They entertained and helped the kids while we got out tests done ect. 3 out of 4 sets of glasses were ready before we even left the building! Would recommend to anyone looking for a painless, enjoyable experience!”

-    Lauren A.

Very Helpful

5 Stars

“I've gotten glasses here back in 2018. I decided to return and I was just as pleased. The gentleman doing my eye test even remembered me so we had a nice chat. Kayleigh was very helpful with  helping me pick glasses and everything else I needed! Ya just cant go wrong with the pair and a spare deal!”

-    Craig R.

Found Perfect Glasses

5 Stars

“Just got my eye exam and purchased glasses here and the service was top tier, Lisa was an excellent help she helped me find the perfect glasses for my prescription and budget. Anyone who needs glasses at a great price should definitely shop here!”

-    Nicholas N.

Great Prices and Services

5 Stars

“Fantastic service, timely turn-around, and great prices. They went above and beyond and even stayed open a few minutes later so I could pick up a couple pairs of glasses I had dropped off earlier for a lens swap-out. Highly recommend.”

-    Scott H.

Contact Lenses in Red Deer

Are you a current contact lens wearer, or are you thinking of becoming one? Eyewear Experts in Red Deer carries a range of high-quality multifocal contacts, toric contacts for astigmatism, monthly replacement lenses, and daily disposable and coloured contact lenses. Contact lens gives the wearer more comprehensive visual field access and unrestricted central and peripheral vision compared to spectacles, as the contact lenses are directly placed on your cornea. They are securely applied to your eyes and allow you to have the freedom to go about your daily tasks or hobbies as you would normally. Fog, steam and water splashes will not obscure your vision as well. 

Contact us today for more information. If you are undecided, we can also offer a trial fitting of contact lenses to ensure they work for you. Don’t forget to ask about our rebate options for deep discounts when purchasing contact lenses from us in Red Deer.

Tips to Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

It is vital to follow good hygiene, especially if you wear contact lenses. Irritation in your eyes will cause you to rub your eyes and face often, increasing the risk of germs and infections. Here are some easy tips to follow to take care of your contact lenses and your eyes:

  • Keep them clean and wash your hands every time you handle your lenses to prevent eye infections and keep your contacts and eyes free of debris.
  • Relax, take it slowly, and work up to a timeframe in which your eyes feel most comfortable.
  • Always use new lens care solutions, and never use bottled water or saliva to clean your lenses.
  • Disinfect your lenses every day and clean the cases of your lenses every once in a while too.
  • Do not sleep wearing contact lenses, as it can increase the risk of eye irritation and infection.
  • It is essential to clean the case of your contact lenses every once in a while.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and face.
  • Check your contact lenses before wearing them for any dust or damage. A damaged contact lens can harm your eyes.
  • Do not share contact lenses, as it increases the chances of infection and lens damage.
  • Refill your contact lens case with a new solution instead of adding more quantity to any existing solution.
  • Follow your eye doctor's recommendations and adhere to the prescribed wearing and replacement schedule.

Always speak to your doctor before considering changing your contact lens solution brand, as all of them differ in some way or another. Call us to learn how we can help you improve your vision and enhance your quality of life with safe and reliable contact lenses in Red Deer!

Contact Lenses Customized To Your Lifestyle

Disposable contact lenses are a great alternative to hard lenses and are generally considered far superior in comfort and wearability. They come in various types with different levels of durability and can be perfect for you depending on your lifestyle. Suppose you are looking to replace your prescription glasses with contact lenses for a special occasion or temporarily for just a few days. In that case, you may find daily disposable contact lenses more convenient. You will only be able to use these lenses for a day. 


But if you are looking at contact lenses as a permanent and complete replacement to your prescription glasses, then you may choose bi-weekly and monthly options that you can reuse for longer durations.

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

Here is what makes contact lenses a popular choice for sight improvement:

Ease of viewing

There are many options of contact lenses available out there to facilitate viewing ease. Whether you want to correct refractive errors or need specialty lenses designed to address your specific needs, contact lenses are ideal for any situation.

Enhanced visual comfort

Modern technologies have led to the introduction of contact lenses in different materials to promote eye health and improve your visual comfort. 

Better and wider vision

With unrestricted central and peripheral vision, you have wider visual access with contact lenses as they are placed directly on your cornea. It is also linked to a reduction in image distortions and glare reflections.

A feeling of normalcy

As contact lenses are directly placed on your eyes, you can go about your regular life with a sense of freedom. You can wear them for any weather without worrying about water splashes, fog, or steam, as they won’t obscure your vision anymore.

Aesthetic advantage

If you want to try a new look, you can choose from a range of different coloured lenses. It is advisable to consult an eye doctor when considering custom lenses to ensure that they are safe to use.

  • Prada
  • Maui Jim
  • D&G
  • DKNY
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Coach
  • Vogue Eyewear
  • Ray-Ban
  • Michael Kors
  • Armani
  • Burberry Eyewear
  • Persol
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Dior
  • Versace
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Ted Baker
  • Oakley
  • Boss
  • Hugo
  • Nine West
  • Bebe
  • Vanni
  • Greg Norman
  • kate spade New York
  • BMW
  • Silhouette
  • WX
  • SPY
  • Bon Vivant
  • Calvin Klein
  • Nike Vision
  • Swarovski
  • Vera Wang
  • Juicy Couture
  • BCBG
  • Jill Stuart
  • Pearl Izumi
  • Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Safilo
  • Bertelli
  • Spine
  • Elasta
  • Takumi
  • Easy Twist
  • Derapage
  • Perry Ellis
  • Nautica
  • New Balance
  • Giovani di Venezia
  • Seraphin

Do not consider this a comprehensive list. Book a visit, and we’ll find you the perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses in Red Deer!

Contact Lenses FAQs

Eyewear Experts has been the trusted eye clinic in Red Deer for more than a decade. Here are the most common questions we are asked about contact lenses:

Can I Buy Contact Lenses Over the Counter or Online?

You can buy your lenses over the counter or online if you have a valid prescription and purchase your contact lenses from a trusted source like Eyewear Experts. We would prefer you make with us an eye exam to get the best contact lenses for your needs. Our high-tech on-site laboratory will prepare your results within an hour.    

Why Do You Need a Prescription for Contact Lenses in Canada?

Our eyes and vision change over time, so prescriptions become inaccurate and must be updated to enhance your vision correctly. Using lenses with the wrong prescription can strain your eyes, give you headaches and discomfort, make your vision blurry and affect your eye health in the long run. 

Can I Use My Eyeglass Prescription for Contact Lenses?

Contact lens and glasses prescriptions are not the same. A contact lens prescription contains information like base curve and diameter, as well as the brand, as it must match the size and shape of your eye. Contacts sit directly on your eye, while glasses rest further from your eyes and are shaped to correct for possible astigmatism. However, contacts must be designed to fit astigmatism. Using your glasses prescription for contact lenses would make them stronger than required, which could cause you discomfort and more vision problems. If you want to switch from prescription glasses to contact lenses, bring your existing prescription and visit Eyewear Experts for a new exam and contact lens fitting.

Can I Order Contact Lenses With an Old Prescription?

Contact lens prescriptions typically expire a year after your eye examination. This is because when you constantly wear lenses, your eyes need to be examined annually to ensure your lenses do not increase your risk of eye infections or hurt the eye. It is recommended that you visit your eye doctor annually to ensure your prescription is up to date and that you use the right lenses to meet your specific needs to eliminate the risk of causing more damage and deterioration to your eyesight. Please don’t try to buy contact lenses with an expired prescription, as it is illegal to sell anyone contact lenses without a valid prescription.


We have provided efficient and reliable eye care and contact lens fittings in Red Deer since 2007. Eyewear Experts also offers high-quality prescription lenses, frames and sunglasses, eye tests, retinal screening, repair and maintenance, and on-site lab services.  

Contact Lenses Custom Made for You

Eyewear Experts in Red Deer committed to enhancing your sense of style and overall comfort.

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